About Jazzercise

Do you want to be fit, feel good and strengthen your self-confidence? We will help you with it!

Jazzercise is a motivating and rousing fitness program that achieves results… fast! A party workout to hip music that burns calories and makes your hips move.

Jazzercise Global: jazzercise.com

How would you like to train?

You can burn up to 800 calories in one 55-minute lesson. We offer a wide range of different formats: Dance Mixx, Fusion, Interval, Strength, Strike, Core and more. These are our formats. For variety is guaranteed, with us there are no boring workouts!

Get started now

Our studio offers 11 lessons per week. Click here for our opening hours.
To maximize your workout, we use dance cardio with strength training and stretching. You are not a dancer? No problem! We provide instructions that are easy to follow and additional safety tips. Do you want to increase your results from the lessons and train more efficiently? Just ask your instructor!

Search your limits

To benefit from all the advantages of Jazzercise, your instructor will motivate you to adapt to your fitness level and to train beyond that. Your feeling during the lesson corresponds to your feeling of stress. During the cardio/aerobic part you strive for the peak load. The more energy you use, the faster you feel the results.

Reach a higher level

Variety is the key to staying true to a program and we have it! Hip music and ever new movements create enthusiasm and the desire to continue sweating. Our workouts combine cardio, strength training, Pilates, yoga, kickboxing and of course dance. Our instructors are trained to combine new movements and hip music and to make the lessons varied.

Jazzercise recommends getting a doctor’s opinion before starting a training program.