Tips for newcomers

Get started
If you are just starting out, limit your workout to 2-3 lessons per week. To increase your fitness level, increase the number of hours to 4-5 per week.

Get ready to sweat
Wear comfortable clothes in which you can move well.

Don’t forget your feet
Wear cross-training or aerobic shoes with good cushioning to protect your feet and prevent injury.

Training on the ground
Some strength training exercises are performed on the floor, on a non-slip mat. Jazzercise Zürich makes these available.

Training material
Depending on the lesson you will need weights, rubber bands and mats. Jazzercise Zürich provides these.

Safety first
Prevent injury from drained liquids by not placing drinks on the floor and do not bring glass bottles. Place handbags, towels, or other items so that they do not pose a safety risk and no one will trip over them. We assume no liability for personal items.

Jazzercise Zürich does not offer childcare at the moment. But it is our turn to find a solution.

Mobile App
Download the timetable to your mobile phone with the free MyJazzercise app.

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